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MLT 735-120

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The MLT 735 with an impressive lift height of 7 meters and load capacity of 3500kg for handling precision and highly productive loading duties.

Technical Specifications

English/Metric System
Lift Capacity 3500 kg
Lift Height 6.90 m
Maximum Reach 3.90 m
Maximum Reach Capacity 1150 m
Engine Perkins
Stage Powershuttle
Engine Power 121 cv
Engine Power 91 KW
Transmission Torque Convertor
Speed Box Powershuttle
Speed Number 4/4
Travel Speed 35 km/h
Hydraulic 150 - 270 ( l/mn - bar)
Length 4.79 m
Width 2.40 m
Height 2.30 m
Weight 7090 kg
Turning Radius 3.92 m
Ground Clearance 0.44 m
Drawbar Pull 8190.0 dan

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