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Centrepoint RTX over IP

$1,875.00 each

The new Trimble® CenterPoint™ RTX™ Correction Service delivers GNSS enabled, repeatable 1.5" (3.8 cm) corrections via cellular network directly to your receiver anywhere in the world. CenterPoint RTX works with the built-in GNSS receiver in your existing Trimble FmX® integrated display, CFX-750™ display, or AG-372 GNSS receiver.


» High-accuracy -Provides 1.5" (3.8 cm) horizontal accuracy.

» GNSS compatibility - Uses GPS and GLONASS satellite access on your existing FmX integrated display, CFX-750 display, or AG-372 receiver to increase your satellite availability and extend your operating hours.

» Free GLONASS - With CenterPoint RTX subscriptions, GLONASS satellite access is unlocked for free throughout the duration of the subscription.

» More uptime - Continue working during times of correction signal loss for up to two minutes.

» Fast initialization - CenterPoint RTX converges to full accuracy in 30 minutes or less. Positions may be used much sooner at a lower accuracy level—the user decides.

» FastRestart - Decrease the standard* initialization time to less than five minutes at the beginning of each day by starting your tractor in the same place you shut it off the night before.

» No base station needed - No need to fear losing radio signal reception, since you don't need a base station.

» Accuracy over large geographic area - Available throughout the world.

*Receiver convergence time varies based on GNSS constellation health, level of multipath, and proximity to obstructions such as large trees and buildings. In ideal conditions, receivers can converge to a 30cm position in approximately 10 minutes, 20cm in 15 minutes, and full accuracy in less than 30 minutes.

**All horizontal accuracy specifications are based on repeatable in-field performance 95% of the time.

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