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Rangepoint RTX

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The new Trimble® RangePoint™ RTX™ correction service delivers GNSS enabled, high-performance satellite corrections throughout most of the world. RangePoint RTX works with the built-in GNSS receiver in your existing Trimble FmX® integrated display, CFX-750™ display, or AG-372 GNSS receiver.

» Broad-accuracy - The RangePoint™ RTX correction service delivers entry-level, broad accuracy corrections with <6" (15 cm) pass-to-pass accuracy and <20" (50 cm) repeatable accuracy — ideal for operations in areas where SBAS is not available.

» Increased satellite availability - RangePoint RTX is GNSS compatible, allowing you to use GPS and GLONASS satellite signals on your existing FmX® integrated display, CFX-750™ display, and AG-372 GNSS receiver.

» Free GLONASS - With an active RangePoint RTX subscription, GLONASS satellite access is unlocked for free throughout the duration of the subscription. Using GLONASS in addition to GPS can improve signal reception, reduce blockage, and result in higher quality positioning.

» More uptime - Continue working during times of correction signal loss for up to two minutes.

» Fast initialization - Full accuracy can be achieved in 5 mins or less using RangePoint RTX.

» No base station needed - No need to fear losing radio signal reception since a base station is not needed for RTX-based correction services.

» Available everywhere - RangePoint RTX corrections are available throughout most of the world via satellite delivery.

**All horizontal accuracy specifications are based on repeatable in-field performance 95% of the time.

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