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LMC Basenet is the precision ag division of NFS AGRIBUSINESS. It aims at servicing it's clients through quality products and excellent backup service, which is fundamental to this growing area of the agricultural industry.

Being an independent, family owned and operated company, gives us the flexibility and control to promote the products that we believe will provide the biggest benefits to our customers. We do not rely on the increasingly confusing marketing hype surrounding agricultural GPS technology to sell our products as our constant delivery of quality components and excellent service speaks for itself. The introduction of LMC Basenet's Trimble RTK base station network in early 2007 has already provided many customers with huge increases in efficiency through accurate, repeatable RTK signal transmission.

The aim of the network is to provide growers with a cost effective way of utilising high end, highly accurate GPS technology, which in some cases, would not be considered to be an economically feasible approach. In the past, large areas of highly intensive agricultural production systems were regarded as being justification for expenditure on RTK technology. This is no longer the case. Savings of up to 35% on initial setup costs can be acheived whilst also enabling growers to accumulate cost savings throughout the following seasons through dependable, repeatable Trimble RTK technology.

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